Low-code platforms are the next revolution in application development. Low-code platforms have become a very common and popular tool for many development teams and enterprises after they gain early exposure to them. From healthcare and manufacturing to finance, businesses need these technologies to meet market demands and build applications faster. With its rise in popularity, more companies are getting their hands on low-code platforms for different purposes. Let’s dig in deeper here and explore the main benefits of low-code platforms, which make them tempting for both enterprise and small businesses.

Reduced Delivery Times

You can invest a significant amount of money to develop…

So many businesses stopped existing because they didn’t adopt emerging technologies. But when companies try embracing new technology, they might fail in their first attempt. The same holds true for digital transformation. Why some companies don’t even get started? Are they doing it right? Is it a costly affair? Is it apt for your business?

Interestingly, this blog not just busts the common myths around digital transformation but also offers a feasible solution that many CIOs don’t even know.

Readout to find more.


In today’s era, digital transformation is a truth that you can’t ignore. …

If you too are heading with the pack mentality towards mobility solutions without a robust strategy, you are doomed. This blog busts the common myths that project mobile app as the next best thing for your business. What you need is more than just a run-of-the-mill solution — interestingly, we have a solution. Read this blog to find out!

The Mobile App Saga

There are no two opinions about the fact that smartphone users have been growing by leaps and bounds. According to a report from Statista, there will be over 2.87 billion smartphone users by 2020.

The lifeblood of smartphones are applications —…

Mobile form builder template

Many businesses out there today are collecting data today with mobile forms instead of paper forms. But that’s not complete digital transformation.

The most powerful advantage of digitalization remains unutilized — analytics. But businesses are shying away from it since analysis is a time-consuming process, and can also break the bank. But guess what — they’re wrong. Find out why!

Replacing Pen & Paper

Axonator Inc

Axonator is a world-class, zero-code platform helping organizations of all sizes achieve business process automation in record time and lower costs.

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